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Hello, I am Ciara Posh! 25 years of age & currently live in Florida. I have a bachelors degree in International Business and in grad school getting my Master's in Public Administration. I am engaged and we share a daughter with another on the way. We are almost officially #TheHolleyBunch. I have an online women's boutique & I absolutely enjoy having my own business. Somethings that I enjoy are, reading, shopping, traveling and spending time with people I am close with.
My blog will consist of relationships, traveling, business talk, education, motherhood & life experiences. You can follow me on snapchat @CiaraPosh or you can follow our family youtube channel The Holley Bunch! I hope you enjoy!     

Start of The New Year!

First, Happy New Year Posh Blog Family! 
We are 11 days into a New Year! Have you seen yourself making the changes you promised?  Many people plan to make changes in the New Year but how is this actually achieved? 
You have to start by considering what it is you want? Are you looking to see yourself grow in a certain area? Have a particular goal you are trying to achieve? Doing something that you quit a longtime ago and finishing it? The first goal is, you must first figure out what it is you want. 
For now, write it down, keep it in your mind and make your goals reasonable for YOU. 
Once you figure out exactly what you want, you have to figure out the steps it take to get what you want? 
The best thing that has worked for me in progressing is writing down each month a goal no matter how big or how small it is. Once I write it down at the beginning of the month I fold it up and tape it shut and give it to my fiancĂ©. Once the last day of the month comes, he opens it an…


While me and most of my friends are in our 20's... I learned that these are the years of learning and evolving. Although as people we never stop learning... these years are very important. During your twenties you experience many different things... relationships, jobs, college, children, maybe even marriage. Everyone moves at their own speed, because everyone is running their own race.

First, do not become too consumed by social media. People are so wrapped around what other people are doing and trying to follow trends... they forget about their own happiness. Real Happiness. Where no one opinion of you matters, where you are free to think as yourself, where you are comfortable in your own skin. Never make someone else life, what you want to be. People become envious of others all the time in these twenty years .. they forget themselves.

Friendships... Some friendships will fade and some will last forever. Not everyone is meant to be a friend, not everyone is going to be a friend…